Y Forg Integral 2″ Fig 1502 FxFxM, 15K AISI 4130

Weco Hammer Union WYES belong to the Integral Fittings family. Weco Wyes / Y are used with integral Pup Joints to form complex pipeline.


High Quality Y Type Joint Integral Fittings with Hammer Union 2′ ′ 3′ ′

Integral Fittings including tees, crosses, elbows and crossovers, widely used for connection units in hard plumbing applications. We offer a variety of high pressure integral union configurations and pressure ratings in forged Integral Fittings. Our products are manufactured from forged alloy steel. Our Integral Fittings are great for applications where an intersecting flow is needed. We could provide these with carious end connections, and meet the demand of standard or sour gas service.


* Our Integral Fittings are made from high grade steel, fully heat treated and hardened to ensure superior mechanical properties,
* These products can be manufactured with various end connections.
* Our Integral Fittings are suitable for both standard and sour gas service.
* Each of our Integral Fitting is made from high alloy forged steel that is heat treated for long lasting performance.

Product Name Specification Working Pressure Type of Connection Weight Use Condition
psi kg
Y- Type-Joint 2” 6000 FIG602 (M*F*F) 12.2
FIG602 (F*F*F) 10.0
3” FIG602 (M*F*F) 33.5
FIG602 (F*F*F) 28.5
2” 10000 FIG1002 (M*F*F) 121.7
FIG1002 (F*F*F) 10.5
3” FIG1002 (M*F*F) 35.2
FIG1002 (F*F*F) 30.5
2” 15000 FIG1502 (M*F*F) 12.7
FIG1502 (F*F*F) 10.5 standard
3” FIG1502 (M*F*F) 35.2
FIG1502 (F*F*F) 30.5


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