Union Crossover Adapter 2″ Integral Fig 1502 Male x Male 15K

Crossover Adapter is an indispensable pipe adapter with different sizes and threads on two ends. The crossover end connections usually come in threads, hammer unions and flanges etc. Our crossovers can work in normal temperature, low temperature, standard and H2S environments.

Product Name: Integral Union Crossover Adapters, X-Overs, Hammer Union Crossover Assembly

Sizes: 1″, 2″, 2″x3″, 3″, 4″, 4″x2″, 5″

Length: 1.5 Feet, or As per customers’ requests/Nonstandard lengths.

Cold Working Pressure (CWP): 6000 PSI (6K), 10000 PSI (10K), 15000 PSI (15K), 20000 PSI (20K)

Material:  AISI 4130 Integral Forged Alloy Steel or as per customers requirements

Configuration: Male x Male (M x M)

Other configurations/End Connections such as Figure 1502 Male x Female Hammer Union Connections, Figure 1002 Male x Female Hammer Union Connections, NPT, EUE (8 Round)are available upon request.

End Connections:  Hammer Union Fig 602, Fig 1502, Fig 2002, Fig 1002 Integral Connection

Interchangeability: Camtop’s Integral Forged Hammer Union X-Overs/Adapters are interchangeable with FMC Chiksan Union Crossovers and other major brands.

Service: Standard, H2S Service, Sour Service

Standards:  API 16C, API6A, and NACE MR0175

Application: High-Pressure well service flowlines.

Packing: Plywood

Origin: China