Cross Assy(Integral)2″ Sch XXS with HU Fig 1502 M x F x F x F

Weco Hammer Union Crosses belong to the Integral Fittings family. Our union crosses are fully designed, produced, and tested according to API 6A and API 16C standards. Camtop’s weco union crosses are widely used in cementing, fracturing and testing lines, and other well service applications. Crosses for both standard service and sour service are available. Qihang’s Hammer Union Crosses are interchangeable with FMC Weco Union Crosses and other major brands.

Aside from Hammer Union Crosses, we also produce and supply high pressure flow line integral fittings such as Hammer Union Elbows, Union Tees, Union Wyes, Union Laterals, Union Crossovers, Pup Joints, Steel Hose Loops.

Product Name: Crosses, High Pressure Weco Hammer Union Crosses, Integral Fittings

Sizes: 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″

Cold Working Pressure (CWP): 6000 PSI, 10000 PSI, 15000 PSI, 20000 PSI

Material:  Integral Forged Alloy Steel

Crosses Configurations: Female x Female x Male x Female ( F x F x M x F), Female x Female x Male x Male ( F x F x M x M), Female x Male x Male x Female ( F x M x M x F), Female x Male x Male x Male ( F x M x M x M), Male x Male x Male x Male ( M x M x M x M), Female x Female x Female x Female ( F x F x F x F)

End Connections:  Weco Hammer Union Fig 602, Fig 1502, Fig 2002, Fig 1002, Threaded

Working Temperature: -46°C~121°C

Temperature Level: K-U

Service: Standard Service, H2S Service, Sour Service

Standards:  API 16C, API6A, and NACE MR0175

Applications: High-pressure well servicing lines, Acidizing& fracturing lines, well testing lines, Crude Oil and Sour Gas, Mud, Manifolds and Pipelines etc

Origin: China