Multiphase Flow Metering System

Multiphase Flow Meter GLCC is composed of gas/liquid cylindrical cyclone separator, an innovative passive level controller and conventional metering instruments.

The 3-phase fluid enters the main vertical separator body through a narrow tangential inlet. This forces the liquid and gas to separate due to centrifugal and gravitational forces. Passive level control is achieved by means of an innovative design comprising a float and a pair of double throttle valves. The liquid stream is measured with a coriolis mass flowmeter and the gas stream is measured with a vortex flowmeter. The separated phases are recombined to outlet.

For normal oil, watercut can be calculated from mass flowmeter given oil and water density. For heavy oil and high water content, watercut can be measured ith a watercut meter.

Specifications KQSY-MF-50 KQSY-MF-80 KQSY-MF-100 KQSY-MF-150
GVF Range(GVF) 5-90%
Water Cut Range(WLR) 0-100%
Gas Range A(m 3 /d) * 60~720 120~1440 240~2400 480~4800
Gas Range B(m 3 /d) 240~2400 240~2400 480~4800 960~9600
Fluid Range A(m 3 /d) * 15~150 40~400 80~800 120~1200
Fluid Range B(m 3 /d) 25~250 60~600 120~1200 240~2400
Connecting PipeDiameter DN50 DN50/DN80 DN80/DN100 DN100/DN150
Max size of Separation buffer tank(BPV) Φ273×1300 Φ 325×1500 Φ 426×1500 Φ 630×1800
Liquid MeteringError(relative of reading) ±2.0%(mass flowmeter, volumetric flowmeter)
Gas MeteringError
(relative of reading)
Water Cut Error(abs) ±2.0%(supporting with Keqingray type water cutmeter)
Design Pressure 2.5MPa(360Psi), 4.3MPa(600Psi), 6.4MPa(900Psi), 10.0MPa(1450Psi)
Ambient Temperature 10~+45ºC or -25~+55ºC (with external heating or shade)
Signal Output LCD displays total flow of oil-water-gas, split phase flow (or 485 communication)
Power Supply 12VDC, 24±1% VDC or 220VAC
DimensionsLength ×Width × Height(m) * 1.5×0.85×1.8 1.8×1.0×2.0 2.0×1.5×2.2 2.5×2.0×2.4