Mud Pump Pressure Gauge YK-100

YK series aseismic pressure gauges have good aseismic performance, and the damping mechanism inside the instrument has good damping effect on the pressure pulsation in the whole measuring range.
The instrument can not only measure the intense pulsating pressure with stable and clear indication, but also withstand the instantaneous pressure impact (such as sudden pressure unloading).
The instrument has the feature of preventing “plugging”. The measured medium does not enter the inner part of the instrument, allowing the medium to have high viscosity, high strength and easy solidification, such as mud.
Mainly used in oil production fracturing, cementing and other equipment supporting.
Technical parameters:
1. Models: yk-150, yk-100, and turntable yk-100b
2. Specifications:
3. Accuracy grade
4. Other pressure units can be provided
5. Normal operating ambient temperature of the instrument
6. Joint thread