Mud Pump Pressure Gauge ,Flange type Model YK-150F

Stand Pipe Gauges provide a quick, accurate display of pump pressure. Main applications are for standpipes and to be mounted on mud pumps. This style of gauge has been in service for many years and has proven to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure.

Model YK-150F Gauge for capacities up to 20,000 PSI


7MPa,14MPa,21MPa,25MPa,35MPa,40MPa,60MPa,80MPa,100MPa,120MPa and 160MPa

1,000 PSI,1500PSI 3,000 PSI. 5,000 PSI, 6,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI,15,000 PSI and 20,000PSI

70 Bar, 140 Bar, 210 Bar, 350Bar, 420 Bar, 700Bar,1,040 Bar and 1,400 Bar

Temperature range: -50°F to 180°F