Riser Pressure Sensor


The stand pipe pressure sensor
Stand pipe pressure sensor is mainly used for measuring the riser pressure value. Can be used to measure slurry, cement, acid.
Working principle: mud acid, cement, through high pressure hose to transfer pressure source to the stand pipe pressure gauge and the recorder. The stand pipe pressure maximum pressure can reach 103 mpa.

1. When there is no lag linear pressure signal transmission, can protect the measuring or recording equipment from the erosion of working fluid.
2. Strong riser pressure sensor is used widely, realize to detect various did not work.
3. Robust design for outdoor brought convenient in maintenance and repair.
4. The connection flange type, screw type and welding structure.
5. You can choose the riser pressure sensor or 1:1 riser pressure sensor

Product Name  Pressure Sensor Diaphragm protector
 Type  CWBD4XX
 Material  Steel
 Standard  API
 Working Pressure  7 Mpa, 14 Mpa, 21Mpa, 35Mpa, 42Mpa,80Mpa, 100Mpa
 Standard Length  50ft
 Application  Oil Field
 Brand  DEENPU
 Origin  China
 Packing  Standard export packing