Mud Pump Pressure Gauge YK-150Y

Classes are collectively referred to as the department one-piece structure vertical installation, system integration instrument, dampers, sensor by nonyl flange at an organic whole, use flange nominal specifications for 2-1/16. Integral flange, matching the number, the flange connection with oil cylinder use 1502 union nut, can also according to users need to configure the other specifications of the standard flange.
Technical parameters
1. Pressure specification, other pressure units can be provided
2. Accuracy grade
3. Working environment

1) besar 6 “panggil wajah terlihat hingga 60 meter
2) diganti diafragma Piala check valve dan peredam perakitan
3) Dial tersedia dual divisi skala. Standar kapasitas meliputi: 0 -7,000kPa,
0 – 14,000kPa, 0 – 21,000kPa, 0 – 35,000kPa, 0 – 40,000kPa dan 0 – 60,000kPa
4) rentang tekanan tersedia dalam PSI, kg/cm2Dan bar Unit

Dimensi: 23.5×23.5x16cm