Digital Data Loggers

Model: DDL-3
The measurement system is equipped with 3 sensors, a recorder, and an optional computer, which can simultaneously record up to 3 sets of pressure values. It is also possible to record only one or two sets of data according to measurement needs.

Meet the API 16TR testing requirements, and record the real-time opening oil pressure, closing (Shear) oil pressure, and well pressure for the shear test of the blowout preventer.

Using a high-frequency recorder, record the maximum pressure value at the moment of shearing.

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  • The Digital Data Logger is a portable, reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional paper chart recorders.
  • The unit increases safety by keeping dangerous pressures away from the user via low-voltage cables.
  • 20Hz sample rate *ask about our high speed option
  • User friendly Data Review Software
  • Client logo embedded on charts
  • Sensor accuracy level+/-0.5% FS, data line length of 5 meters.
  • Units can be switched, including Mpa, Kpa, Psi, Bar.
  • Electrical connection: Hermann connector.
  • Automatically generate report printouts

Typical Applications:

• Plug & abandonment
• Well integrity
• Cementing operations
• BOP testing
• Formation Isolation Valve testing
• Coiled Tubing
• Well kill
• Drilling & completions
• Chemical injection
• Casing Assembly torque monitoring
• Critical valve testing (topside)
• Drill pipe torque monitoring
• Nitrogen pumping
• Scale squeeze
• Tubing Hanger Pressure
• Well Pressure monitoring


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