Mud Pump Pressure Gauge (TYPE F)

1. TYPE: F, D
2. Measurement range: 1, 000, 2, 000, 3, 000, 5, 000, 6, 000, 8, 000, 10, 000, 12, 000, 15, 000, 18, 0000 PSI, 20, 000 PSI
And metric equivalents in kg/cm2, KPa, MPa, and BAR units of measure.
3. Accuracy: 1.6/ 2.5
4. Mounting: 2-inch male NPT or M20*1.5, M20*2.0
5. Structure: Seal packing, membrane units, catch of hook, indicating mechanism, crust.
6. Case: Fluid filled
7. Operation temperature range of -50 to +65 Celsius degree.

Install the gauge vertically and keep the nearest to the measured unit
Please consider temp. Error when ambient temp. Deflects from 20± 5 Celsius degree.
Loosen oiling screw to release inner pressure in operating.
Measurement range, linking thread etc, especially that is customized.

Mud Pump pressure gauge is mainly used for the Petroleum drilling, coal, chemical industry, mechanism etc. Rugged standpipe-type gauges provide dependable, accurate pressure readings.

The gauge specialized in mud pump. Standpipe mud pump. This is used in measuring pressure of high viscosity and easy crystal medium. Our manufactures a full range of gauges. Whether you are looking for it, we can accommodate your needs for land or offshore drilling rigs. This style of gauge has been in service to many years and has proven to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure. Standpipe type Mud Pump Pressure Gauges is available for a variety of capacities and operating