Tubing Head

Fabricated with BT technology seal and could be field mounted by cutting casing pipe to accommodate the seal height.
Tubing hanger and top flange are designed to run cable through.
Several control ports are available for connecting pipeline.
Made of forged or special smelt steel, providing high bearing strength, safety and reliability.


Tubing Head

Tubing head is a body with two flange that can supports the tubing string on a oilwell, seals off the pressure between the casing and tubing annulus, and connect with tubing adapter on the top.

Tubing Head &tubing spool are a straight bore bowl with 45° landing shoulder design which avoids damage to sealing areas by drilling tools, and provides wedging of the tubing hangers, bowl protectors and test plugs. the secondary seal for the last casing pipe can be an integrated “OO” seal type or the plastic injection type, but also accepts reducer bushings “4-O” and “PE” (Pressure Energized).The upper flange is supplied with lockdown screws for packoff tubing hanger retention. The lower flange includes a grease fitting and orifice for testing of the secondary seal.

Tubing Head provided by CAMTOP can used for single completions and model of dual completions.

Working Pressure 2000 psi~15000 psi (14 Mpa ~105 Mpa)
Working Medium crude oil, natural, mud
Temperature Ratings -46~121℃(LU)
Material Class AA~HH
Product specification levels PSL1~PSL4
Performance levels PR1~PR2



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