Tubing Head Adapter

Tubing Head Adapter 

Product Description

A Tubing Head Adapter, or Tubing Adapter, is an important wellhead component which is used to adapt the uppermost connection of the tubing head to the lowermost section of the christmas tree. The tubing head provides a transition from the wellhead to the christmas tree. It can be used for both single and multiple completions. Qihang’s standard tubing head adapters are compatible with a wide range of tubing head spools and tubing hangers. Our adapters come with threaded, flanged, or studded-flange top connections, and most of our tubing head adapters can be machined with a hydraulic supply inlet for downhole control lines.

Tubing Head Adapters Functions:

Attaches above the Tubing Head Spool and seals off the production tubing

Allows to test tubing hanger seals with test port

Control line ports are optionally provided

Below are some of most popular Models supplied by CAMTOP,

For wellhead details, please visit https:wellhead and christmas tree

Delivery Date: 30 Days Size: 2-1/16″ – 13-5/8″
Rated Working Pressure: 2000 PSI – 20000 PSI Bottom Connection Type: Flange
Top Connection Type: Studded or UPTBG Threaded Standard Carried: API Spec 6A, NACE-MR0175
Material Class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF Temp Class: L, P, R, S, T, U, V
Product Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3, PSL4 Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2
Application: Tubing Head, Christmas Tree