Casing Head

Designed and manufactured according to 6A.
Accepts a wide variety of slip and mandrel casing hangers.
Three different types of outlets: Line pipe, Flanged (Studded) Extended flanged outlets.
Multiple bottom connections, such as: Slip-on weld, Slip-on weld with O-ring, Threaded and Sure Lock.
Lockdown screws in the top flange.


Casing Head

Casing Head Assembly is the adapter between the first casing string and either the BOP stack or the wellhead. This adapter may be threaded or welded onto the casing, and may have a flanged or clamped connection to match the BOP stack or wellhead.

Type: Thread type, slip type, welded type

Connected Casing O.D.: 7-5/8 ~ 13-3/8 in (193.7 ~ 339.7 mm)

Hanger Casing O.D.: 4-1/2 ~ 9-5/8 in (114.3 ~ 244.5 mm)

Working Pressure: 2000 ~ 20000 psi (14 ~ 140 MPa)

Vertical Bore: 178 ~ 12-1/2 in (178 ~ 318 mm)


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