Mobile Hydrotesting Machine High Pressure Test Pump

Hydrotesting Machine High Pressure Test Pump


Camtop  series fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing equipment are a fast, safe and simple pressure testing equipment for hydrostatic testing operation, ideally suited to work with the plugs or on a stand alone basis eg. heat exchanger tubes, cylinder, valves, pipes, pressure vessels, hoses, blowout preventers(BOP), down-hole tools, pipelines, boilers, etc. This air-driven hydrostatic test equipment has been widely used on oil and gas industry, shipping industry, fire protection industry, and other civil use industries.

Our hydrostatic burst pressure testing machine using oil, water or glycol medium are complete hydraulic units ready for connection which are provided for generating operating pressure up to 2,000bar.

The pressure will be generated and boosted by means of a pneumatic hydraulic pump, which will be connected to the existing industrial compressed-air system at 6~12 bar. To make the hydrostatic pressure testing equipment portable and light, we generally equipped single pump and dual pump on skid(customized).

Characteristic and Advantages 

– Specially suitable to the high pressure tests and ultra-high pressure tests in the field or in the workshop

– Standstill of the pump when reaching the setting pressure

– No energy consumption in case of long pressure holding times

– No dissipated heat during the pressure holding phase

– No risk for explosion and spark in oil and gas field due to air-operated pump

– Substitute of leakage by automatic re-delivery through the pump

– Regulator to control inlet air supply, then to adjust working pressure

– High pressure relief valve for protection

– Easy to install, move, use and maintain

– All piping and fittings are stainless steel for long lifespan

Technical parameters 

Item Description 
Medium Water
Pressure 0~2000bar/29000PSI
Flow 0~24L/min;(customize)
Pressure accuracy ±1%FS
High pressure gauge 0~3000bar/43500PSI
Needle valve 412bar~2400bar(customize)
Pressure regulator YES
Relief valve YES
Air compressor N/A(customize)