F48-70 S-shaped Single Ram Blowout Preventer

It is applicable to various well control requirements such as drilling, well testing and borehole operation.


F48-70 S-shaped Single Ram Blowout Preventer


Ram type BOP is simple and compact and is suited for land and platform applications. The ram in the BOP is pressure energized. The well pressure acts on the ram to increase the sealing force and maintain the seal even with loss of the closing pressure.

Ram type BOP can be supplied with the hydraulic locking devices to lock ram hydraulically and hold the ram mechanically closed even when actuating pressure is released. The operating system is interlocked using sequence caps to ensure that the taper lock is retracted before pressure is applied to open the BOP.
Ram type BOPs bonnet are opened and closed by hydraulic pressure and the ram change is quick and easy. All operating parts, as well as, the rams and seals can be replaced on site, thus providing a completely reconditioned preventer.

1, API 16A Ram BOP
2, Bore dia.: 7 1/16″-26 3/4″
3.Pressure: 1


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