Product Introduction

The pressure-bearing and pressure-controlling parts are made from forged, the chamber of body appear the oval on the longitudinal section of vertical piston rod. Use ram to open and close by the hydraulic cylinder drive the piston rod. The movement of bonnet is linear type, the movement of bonnet is controlled by two hydraulic cylinder, it is designed the auto sand-cleaning structure on the body. On the intermediate flange, design the secondary seal unit, under the emergency case, if it is observed the fluid flow out by viewport, it can inject the grease urgently.  The type U BOPs have sold to North America, South Asia and got good quality feedback.


◆ Pressure-bearing parts and pressure-controlling parts are forged. The structure of these parts are densified and has high strength, which ensures that they are used more safely and reliably.
The ram chamber is oval cross-section, which can reduce the stress of body and increase the bearing capacity of body.
◆ Open the bonnet assembly to change ram by oil pressure. It can reduce the labor intensity of employee and improve the working efficiency.
◆ Shear ram is equipped with auxiliary hydraulic cylinder, which has no impact on function but smaller volume. It is also equipped with big hydraulic cylinder, which has simple, safe and reliable structure.
◆ For all position of high sulfur resistant BOP which are contacting well fluid are overlaid with high nickel base alloy, they can achieve the effect of H2S resistance. ( according to the remand of clients)
◆ The company is able to manufacture completed series of type U BOP and parts.
◆ The parts of BOP have strong interchangeability.

Model Bore (in) Working Pressure (Psi) Hydraulic Control Pressure (Psi) Piston Size (in) Piston Stroke (in) Working Temperature (F)
2FZ18-21 7-1/16″ 3000 1200-1500 5.9 4.1 -4F–186″F
2PZ18-35 7-1/16″ 5000 5.9 4.1
2FZ23-21 9″ 3000 5.9 5.9
2FZ23-35 9″ 5000 8.6 5.9
2FZ23-70 9″ 10000 9.8 5.9
2FZ28-35 11″ 5000 9.8 6.3
2FZ28-70 11″ 10000 9.8 6.3
2FZ28-105 11″ 15000 13.7 7.1
2FZ35-14 13-5/8″ 2000 6.3 7.1
2F235-21 13-5/8″ 3000 8.7 7.1
2F235-35 13-5/8″ 5000 13.7 7.1
2FZ35-70 13-5/8″ 10000 13.7 8.2
2FZ35-105 13-5/8″ / / /