API 16A Drilling Diverter for Well Control


Diverter, 29-1/2″ 500 PSI NOV/T-3 (Hydril MSP copy), 30” 300 Series MSS (29-1/2” 500 psi) Flange Bottom (R-95) x 30” 300 Series MSS (29-1/2” 500 psi) Studded Top, Stainless Steel Lined Ring Grooves, H2S Trim

BOP is 100% interchangeable with Hydril Manufacture
Remanufactured by API 16A and ISO 9001 Licensed Facility
Furnished c/w New Surplus OEM Nitrile Rubber Packing Element and Seal Kit
Furnished c/w New OEM Seal Kit

Data Book for BOP to include:
API Licensing Certification for Repair Facility
Hardness Survey complying with NACE MR-0175 specifications
Dimensional Inspection Report
Magnetic Particle Inspection Reports
Dye Penetrant Inspection of Ring Grooves
Drift Test, Welding Procedures
Stress Relief Certification (as applicable)
Certificates of Conformance for New Rubber Seals & Packing Element
Certificate of Test and Hydrostatic (Well Bore & Shell) and Hydraulic (Open and Close) Test Charts
Operations Manual and Parts List

echnical Specifications of Drilling Diverter:

Model Main bore
Working pressure
Operating pressureMPa Connection type Dimension mm weight kg Recommended bop type
Top Bottom Outside diameter Height
FFZ75-3.5 749.3(29 1/2) 3.5(500) 8.4~10.5 studded fanged 1910 1798 12607 H06.00C
FFZ76-07 762 (30) 7(1000) 1805 1700 13866 H31.00
29 1/2″-500 psi Diverter top&bottom connection: class 300 B16/A NPS30 R95
30″-1000 psi Diverter top&bottom connection: class 300 B16/A NPS30 R95