Manual Single Ram BOP 2 9/16″-3000psi

Product Introduction

Pump rod BOP is the safety combined type sealing unit which is installed on the wellhead, it can prevent from the flowing out from the high pressure gas with oil and water in the formation during workover operation and lifting pump rod. While lifting the pump rod, it occur the abnormal condition, turn the screw or use hydraulic to drive pipe ram to close the annular volume of pump rod. seal the wellhead completely, achieve the safety production and prevent from blowout accident, protect the surrounding environment.


◆ All materials of BOP are made from alloy steel casting part.
◆ The chamber use oval structure, the stress state is reasonable.
◆ The weight is light, the height is low, the volome is small, flexible to operate, easy to use.
◆ The BOP is constitute of body, ram assembly, bonnet, piston, screw rod etc.

◆ Technical Parameter

Working Pressure



65mm(2 9/16”)~76mm(3”)

Working Medium

Oil, natural gas, water, Hydrogen sulfide gas

Connection Type

Tubing thread(TBG、EUE),clamp collar