API6A Frac Valve Ball Screw Operated (BSO) Gate Valves


Frac Valves are Ball Screw Operated (BSO). Frac valves – ball screw gate valves is a type
of large bore gate high pressure valve which were improved from Cameron FLSR gate valve,
it’s the main component of frac tree, the frac valve is often used on the top of the wellhead on
high pressure oil well, can do the frac job for isolating the fluid from the well. They are high-pressure isolation valves installed on the top of the wellbore on a wellhead platform. Frac Valves/BSO Gate Valves feature either flanged end connections or studded ones. These Valves can be operated with help of actuators with variable drive motors or can be operated manually. Frac Valves are usually made for large bore applications. These types valves have bi-directional design which allows flexibility in the direction of flow of hydrocarbon stream. Frac valves are used by specialized well control organizations and are the preferred choice of valves by organizations that perform drilling on shale plays.

Detailed Specification:

Product Name: Frac Valve, Ball Screw Operator (BSO) Gate Valve

Bore Size: 3-1/16″, 4-1/16″, 5-1/8″, 7-1/16″, 9″

Rated Working Pressure: 5000PSI, 10000psi, 15000PSI

Material: AISI 4130 (Integral Forged) Alloy Steel, other material available upon request

End Connections: Flanged or Studded Outlets

Operation: Manual with Ball Screw Operator (BSO), Hydraulic with double acting hydraulic actuators

Standards: API Spec 6A, API Q1, NACE MR0175

Material Class: AA, BB, CC DD, EE, FF

Sour Gas Level: DD-NL, EE-0.5, EE-1.5, EE-NL, FF-0.5

Temp Class: PU, L-U

Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2

Product Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3, PSL3G, PSL4

Optional Trim Enhancement: Inconel Inlay, Xylan Coating, QPQ etc

Traceability: Qihang’s Frac Valves are supplied with full traceability documentation for each component.

Application: Wellhead Assembly, Frac Tree/Frac Stack, Production Tree, Choke & Kill Manifold, Oilfield Fracturing Operations etc

Origin: China