FC Type Gate Valve

Working pressure :2000PSI~20000PSI
Nominal bore :1.13/16″~9″ (46mm~230mm)
Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud, consist of H2S CO2gas
Working temp.:-46℃ ~ 121℃ (LU)


FC type Gate Valve

The Model FC is a Slab Gate Valve, bidirectional, which incorporates a backseating stem to isolate the valve pressure from the stem seal area.

API 6A Gate Valve FC type feature:

  • Forged or Cast Body & Bonnet, A wide range of body and trim materials to meet various operating conditions.
  • Metal-to-Metal seal, gate to seat, seat to body, bonnet seal and stem backseat.
  • Bi-directional Sealing,
  • All internal parts can be inline changed,No special tools are needed to change gate and seat assembly.
  • Heavy duty thrust bearing is used to absorb stem thrust and reduce operating torque.
  • The Stem pin protects the stem and internal parts from failure by shearing if the handwheel is over-torqued
  • We are the proved vendor for top wellhead manufacturer in the Worldwide
  • 100% interchangable with Cameron FC Type
  • We try to save your 10% or more

Parts List

  1. Hand Wheel
  2. Bearing Cap
  3. Grease Fitting (Bearing Cap)
  4. Ring
  5. Bearing Race
  6. Thrust Bearing
  7. O-Ring (Stem Adapter)
  8. Stem Adapter
  9. Stem Pin
  10. Packing Gland
  11. Stem Packing
  12. Nut
  13. Stud
  14. Bonnet
  15. Check Valve
  16. Grease Fitting
  17. Bonnet Gasket
  18. Gate & Seat Assembly
  19. Stem
  20. Gate
  21. Retainer Plate
  22. Seat Ring
  23. Seal Ring
  24. Pin
  25. Body
  26. Name Plate
  27. Seal Ring
  28. Body Bushing
  29. Guide


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