Multi Circulating Valve For Drill Stem Testing Cased Hole

Introudction of DST OMNI Valve

The Multi-Cycle Circulating Valve is the part of drill stem testing tool string. It is also called OMNI Valve in Halliburton type. The multi-cycle circulating valve is operated by differential pressure which can offer multi open and closed cycles. Shear pins in the multi- cycle circulating valve hold the tool in the closed position during the run-in-hole. Once on depth, applied pressure shears the pins, and allow the tool to cycle through forward circulating, reverse circulating and closed positions.

Operation of the DST OMNI Valve /Multy-Cycle Circulating Valve

When the Multy-Cycle Circulating Valve is in the well test position, we can do the flow test in the oil well. In this test position, the circulating ports of the OMNI Valve are closed and the ball valve is opened. When the downhole drills stem test is closed, the Multy-Cycle Circulating Valve is in the well test position during flow and shut in period, and the workstring can be pressure-tested in the blank position as the ball valve closes before the cicualting valve opens. When the circulating ports of the Multy-Cycle Circulating Valve are open and the ball valve is closed, the fluid in the oil well can be pumped in either direction through the tool in the circulating position.

Technical parameter of DST OMNI Valve

No Specification 5”
1 OD 127.5mm
2 ID 57mm
3 Length 6555mm
4 Working pressure 105Mpa
5 Ball valve Open Differential pressure 35Mpa
6 Ball valve top and bottom differential pressure 70Mpa
7 Internal Pressure strength 146Mpa
8 External pressure strength 136Mpa
9 Tensile strength 2034KN
10 Torque strength 31.6KN.m
11 Circulating Flow area 2280mm2
12 Service H2S,NACE MR0175(>175oF)
13 Working temperature -29℃~+204℃
14 Connection thread 3 7/8″CAS.B×P or 3 1/2″IF.B×P