Tubing spider

Tubing spider is designed and manufactured as per API Spec 7K “Drilling and Well Servicing Equipment”, two models of tubing spider are often asked for: model C and model CHD, working capacity of model C is 80ton while model CHD is 120ton.

Tubing spider is applied for drill pipe or tubing in oil and gas drilling or workover operation. Tubing Spider is designed for manual, compressed air, or hydraulic operation, and can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment to improve the efficiency of operation.¡¡
Tubing spider is made from high strength alloy steel; journal bearings are fitted with replaceable steel bushings, all bearings and journals are equipped with grease fittings for lubrication. Tubing spiders are equipped with a manually operated safety latch to positively lock the slips in their set position. The Slips, Shafts, and Air Operating Mechanisms are protected by guards to prevent damage caused by the elevators or other outside forces. Tubing spider slip assemblies are machined as matched sets to ensure full contact with pipes.
Tubing spider fitted with replaceable inserts, and the slip inserts are self-centering full wrap around grip type with an API taper on the diameter. The Slip has adequate safety mechanism or interlock to prevent accidental opening of slip under load and ensuring proper closing or seating. Tubing spiders are suitable to cover pipe range from 2⅜” to 7⅝” OD tubular, and can be operated at rig air pressure of 80-120 psi, rated load of Model C tubing spider is 80 ton, CHD tubing spider is 120ton, Model C tubing spider is similar to CHD tubing spider in configuration, only the slotted gate is different from CDH tubing spider. Accessories including Shaft, Lifting arm, Yoke, Taper pin, Crank Bushing, Link bushing, Air Coupling, Safety Latch. Air Cylinder Assembly and Kit repair pneumatic cylinder are available.

Technical data of tubing spider

Tubing Spider Model Slip Body Size For Pipe O.D.
C/80ton 3½in 2⅜” 60.3mm
2⅞” 73 mm
3½” 88.9 mm
CHD/120ton 3½in 2⅜” 60.3mm
2⅞” 73 mm
3½” 88.9 mm
4½in 3½” 88.9 mm
4″ 101.6 mm
4½” 114.3 mm
5in 5″ 127 mm
5½in 5½” 139.7 mm


TS tubing spider

TS-100 tubing spider is manually operated spider, and tubing spider is made of high quality alloy steel, heat treated and NTD for strength to handle pipes range from 1.05¡± to 5½¡± O.D. with working capacity 100 ton.
Tubing spider is made up of two major assemblies: bowl and slip. The bowl is machined with taper surface to match the slip bodies. Inserts are installed in the slip bodies, each set of insert and slip matches each size of pipe.

Technical data of TS tubing spider

Specifications Bowl size Size













Slot circle


TS 3½¡± 3½¡±Bowl 1.05-3½¡± 5¼¡± 13¼¡± 8¾¡± 12⅜¡± 10-15¡±
TS 5½¡± 5½¡± Bowl 3½¡±-5½¡± 6¾¡± 13¼¡± 8¾¡± 12⅜¡± 11¼¡±-15¼¡±

Replacement part list

S.N. Description Qty S.N. Description Qty
1 Insert keeper 3 1 Insert keeper 4
2 Latch pin with cotter 1 2 Latch pin with cotter 1
3 Latch spring 1 3 Latch spring 1
4 Hinge pin with cotter 2 4 Hinge pin with cotter 3
5 Latch 1 5 Latch 1
6 Latch handle 1 6 Latch handle 1
7 3½¡±¡Á1.050″ insert 9 7 5½¡±¡Á3½¡±insert 12
8 3½¡±¡Á1.315″ insert 9 8 5½¡±¡Á4″ insert 12
9 3½¡±¡Á1.660″ insert 9 9 5½¡±¡Á4½¡±insert 12
10 3½¡±¡Á1.900″ insert 9 10 5½¡±¡Á5″ insert 12
11 3½¡±¡Á21/16” insert 9 11 5½¡±¡Á5½¡±insert 12
12 3½¡±¡Á2⅜” insert 9 ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡
13 3½¡±¡Á2⅞” insert 9 ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡
14 3½¡±¡Á3½¡±insert 9 ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡