Tubing Elevator

Tubing elevator is designed and manufactured in line with API Spec 8C “Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment”, and tubing elevator can be available with DD models, TA models and BDA models. In China or Russia, CD and BD tubing elevators are often asked for. DD models, TA models and BDA models tubing elevators are center latch elevator, while CD tubing elevator is side door model, BD tubing elevator is a special tubing elevator designed and popular in China.

Part Number Size Description
DD-2-3-8-65T 2-3/8″ 65 Ton Tubing Elevator
DD-2-7-8-65T 2-7/8″ 65 Ton Tubing Elevator
DD-2-3-8-100T 2-3/8″ 100 Ton Tubing Elevator
DD-2-7-8-100T 2-7/8″ 100 Ton Tubing Elevator
DD-3-1-2-100T 3-1/2″ 100 Ton Tubing Elevator