350 Ton Elevator Spider

Slip Type Elevator / Spider are mechanized tools with air operating. They can handle casings up to 24-1/2”. They are easy to operate and dependable enough. They can also reduce workload. They are designed and manufactured according to API SPEC 8C Specification for drilling and production hoisting equipment.


350 Ton Elevator Spider


The purpose of the 250 and 350 ton elevator/ spider is to grip and lift API sized pipe vertically. It shall be configured either as an elevator hoisted by industry standard links or as a spider mounted on the rig floor or rotary table. As a spider, the unit is dressed with a top guide to aid centering the tubular string and adapter plate used to secure the tool onto a rotary table. As an elevator, the unit uses a bell guide, bottom and door guide.

Interchangeable slip assemblies and inserts allow each elevator/spider to handle different size API pipe. The 250 ton handles 2-3/8” to 7-5/8”. The 350 ton accommodates 4-1/2” to 13-5/8”. Inserts enable handling of pipe with an OD up to 1” smaller than nominal slip size.

When the slip assembly is in the open position, the pipe and couplings may move freely vertically through the elevator. When slips are in the set position, the pipe is held without inflicting damage. A locking mechanism prevents accidental actuation of the slips. The tool can be either manual or pneumatically operated.

Model Rotary Table Size in Rated Capacity
(short tons)
WP PSI Max. Pressure
SE150 2-3/8~5-1/2 150 85~114 142
SE350 (14) 4~14 350 85~114 142
SE350 (20) 16~20 350 85~114 142
SE500 (14) 4~14 500 85~114 142
SE500 (24-1/2) 16~24-1/2 500 85~114 142
SE750 4-1/2~14 750 85~114 142
SEB350 4-1/2~13-3/8 350 85~114 142



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