Surface Set Diamond Bit

Natural diamond surface set bits differ from impregnated bits, they are only set with a single layer of natural or synthetic diamond utilizing a hard matrix compound on the face of the bit. Its waterways are usually shallower than an impregnated bit because of the single layer of the diamonds. The diamond set design ensures sufficient overlap to prevent premature wear of the matrix.


Surface Set Diamond Bit


Surface-Set diamond bits are primarily recommended for use in drilling relatively soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formations that are not effectively drilled by impregnated diamond bits. They are also recommended for use in drilling harder formations where the available rotational speeds and bit loads are insufficient to use impregnated diamond bits due to drilling equipment limitations.

Our company can manufacture a wide range of surface set bits, which includes a variety of bit crowns,diamond grades and sizes, designed to provide the biggest cutting efficiency in various rock formations. Some bits are designed with face discharge holes to minimize core wash when drilling in soft and fractured formations.

Diamond size selection:The harder the rock is, the smaller the diamonds we should use. The amount of diamonds is one of very important factors to the bit cutting efficiency, Our engineers use mathematical formulas to set each diamond on bit cutting area to ensure proper overlap with a minimum of diamonds to keep the initial bit cost as low as possible in a balance design.



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