The RD sampler is a full-opening pressure controlled tool that used in the casedhole. The tool can be used at any time to sample during the test. The piston propulsion device that installed in the sampling room can achieve to transfer the sample to other container in the high pressure when the tools are lifted to the ground.


Dst Tools Rupture Disc (RD) Sampler

The Sampler catches a sample of produced fluid and retains the sample at the down hole pressure of the interval at the instant that the hydraulic valve is closed. The valves of the Sampler are opened and closed by the movement of a mandrel extending from the hydraulic valve.

When run with the inflate or mechanically operated string the sample will be caught at the end of the final flow at flowing pressure. When run with the compression string the sample will be caught at the end of the final shut in at shut in pressure.


  • Run-in open position
  • Operates while in compression
  • Two open & two close positions


  • Open-hole Inflate Drill Stem Test
  • Bottom-hole Drill Stem Test
  • Injection test
  • Leak-off test



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