Pulsation Dampener Assembly for Drilling Mud Pump


We manufacture & supply kinds of pulsation dampener assembly for drilling mud pumps.

Include forged steel pulsation dampener & casted steel pulsation dampener, ordinary type pulsation dampener & high pressure pulsation dampener.

Model Application (Used for which model of mud pump )
7P50 8P80 9P100
10P130 12P160
F-500 F-800 3NB-500(F) 3NB-800(F)
F1000 F1300 F1600 3NB-1000 3NB-1300 3NB-1600
F1600HL F2200HL
EmscoF500 EmscoF800 EmscoF1000
FB1300 FB1600


PS: The pulsation dampener assembly we manufactured, could 100% interchangeable with the pulsation dampener of BOMCO/EMSCO/NOV/Hydril.

Installation position:Air chamber is installed at one end of the discharge pipe in the hydraulic end

Function:play a role of stabilizing the pressure and pressure compensation.

Working pressure: The working pressure of normal mud pump is 5000PSI, some high pressure mud pumps is 7500PSI.

1.Disassembling and assembling air bag must first relief.

2.F500/F800 mud pump using KB45 air chamber, F1000/1300/1600 mud pump using air chamber KB75.

3. Air chamber play an important role in drilling to reduce the fluctuations and stable pressure ,so in drilling production, maintaining the normal operation of the air bag is very important .

The maintenance of the air bag

(1). Air bag inflator pressure is 30% of designed pump pressure, the general pressure is 4~6MPa , the best pressure is 4.5MPa

(2). Mud pump at the normal working hours, the air bag cutoff valve is closed to protect gauges

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