Rubber Core FH35-35 Diverter Annular BOP Packing Element

The packing element for Annular BOP FH35-35 is a special high performance product for preventing the blowout. The packing element is combined by the main body which is made up of the independent innovation rubber based polymer alloy material and the high strength metal frame, which conforms to the USA 16A, SATM D412, D624, D2240 and D471 standard. It is suitable for the drilling work on the oil field, which shares a high cost performance comparing to the other same type packing elements. And the repair seal kits are equipped.


Diverter packing element series packing element specification

Model Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Working Temperature Range Of Seal Well
FH18-21 Φ478×215 65.2 – 18~93°C 0-180
FH28-35 Φ703×323 270 0-280
FH35-35 Φ478×215 370 0-346.1