Spherical Sealing element packing elements for annular BOP


Sealing elements is also called packing element,which is available in natural rubber, nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber materials.

Natural Rubber is compounded for drilling with water-base drilling fluids. Natural rubber can be used at operating temperatures between -35°F ~ 225°F(-35°C~107°C). When properly applied, the compounded natural rubber seal element is all-black seal element identified with suffix”NR”.

Nitrile Rubber (a synthetic compound) is for use with oil-base or oil-additive drilling fluids. It provides the best service with oil-base mud, when operated at temperatures between 20°F ~ 190°F (-7°C ~ 88°C). The nitrile rubber seal element is identified by a red color band with the suffix”NBR”.

Neoprene Rubber is for low-temperature operating service and oil-base drilling fluids. It can be used at operating temperatures between -30°F ~ 170°F(-35°C ~ 77°C). Neoprene Rubber provides better service with oil-base drilling fluids than natural rubber; but, it is detrimentally a affected by extended high temperature applications. A neoprene packing unit should be used when natural rubber or synthetic. Rubber will not satisfy the operational conditions. The neoprene seal element is identified by a green color band with the suffix”CR”.

Seal for our BOPs are manufactured from a special nitrile rubber material which provides long, trouble-free service in sealing against oil, gas, or water.

Expected H2S Service does not affect selection of seal element material. H2S service will reduce the service life of rubber products, but the best overall service life is obtained by matching the packing unit material with requirements of the specific drilling fluid.