Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure Switch (QKY21-40)

Technical parameters:

Nominal working pressure: 21MPa

Bore size: 20mm

Hydrulic control pressure: ≥6MPa

Air supply pressure: 0.53-1mpa

Globe valves (GlobeValve) open and closed body is a closed valve, in the seal plane or sea cone, the valve seat along the center line straight line movement.Valve stem movement form, (generic name: dark rod), lifting rotary rod type can control air, water, steam, various corrosive media, slurry, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other types of fluid flow.Therefore, this type of globe valve is ideal for cutting off or regulating and throttling.The valve has a short stem open or close stroke and a very reliable cutting function, and the change in the seat outlet is proportional to the valve stroke.Very suitable for flow regulation.

液气开关Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure Switch (QKY21-40)
In repair kit维修包 (Item)序号 图号(Part No.) 名称(Description) 数量Qty
1 GB 1235-76 19X2.4 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
2 1-1/2”YQKG-09 挡圈 Back-Up Ring 1
3 1-1/2”YQKG-08 芯杆Rod 1
4 GB 1235-76 12X1.9 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
5 1-1/2”YQKG-05 阀座 Fluid Inlet Body 1
6 1-1/2”YQKG-10 支撑套Spring Retainer 1
7 1-1/2”YQKG-07 弹簧Spring 1
8 YQKG-00-10 连接套Sleeve 1
9 11/2″YQKG-1 支承螺母Adjustment Nut 1
10 YQKG-00-07 锁 母 Lock Nut 1
11 YQKG-00-09 支承芯套 Male Threaded Insert 1
12 GB1235-76 22X2.4 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
13 YQKG-00-16 键pin 1
14 1-1/2″YQKG-06 通气接头Inlet Body 1
15 YQKG-00-05 垫片 Retainer Ring 1
16 1-1/2″YQKG-04 密封座Sleeve 1
17 1-1/2″YQKG-02 密封垫Seal 1
18 1-1/2″YQKG-03 压套Retainer 1
19 GB/T93-1987 6 弹簧垫圈Spring Washer 1
20 GB/T70.1-2000 M6x30 圆柱头内六角螺钉Screw 1
21 GB3452.1-1992 69×2.65 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
22 1-1/2″YQKG-01 连接法兰Outlet Body 1
23 GB/T 70.1-2000 M10X25 圆柱头内六角螺钉Screw 4