F-1600HL High Pressure Mud Pump


F1600HL Triplex mud pump has a max. working pressure of 7,5000PSI and a displacement of 46.5L/S with 6″ liner size. It belongs to high pressure pump. This model is the first choice for the medium and deep drilling rig. The F1600 triplex has a max working pressure of 5,000 PSI and a displacement of 46.5L/S with 7″ liner size.

Model F-1600HL
Max. Liner size*stroke 190*305(7-1/2*12)
Stroke Rating r/min 120
Power Rating, kw(HP) 1176(1600)
Gear Type Herringbone
Gear Ratio 4.31:1
Lubricatiing Forced and splashing
Discharge Outlet Flange 1300mm(5”) Flange 10000 psi 70MPA
Discharge flange size: 130mm (5-1/8”)
Work pressure 3350 psi (23.1 Mpa)-7500psi (51.7 Mpa)
Valve pots L type, API 7#
77.6Mpa (11200 psi)
Approx. Weight (KG) 32,000KG
Overall dimensions (mm) 5200*2500*2000mm
Weight kg(lb) 24791(54660)
Weight kg(lb) 24572(54170)