Elevator links

Elevator Links (Bails) need to perform daily under high loads in harsh environments. Forged in one piece from a special high grade alloy steel, our Elevator Links get their maximum tensile strength.

Ranging from 350 – 1500 short tons, our Elevator Links connect Elevators to all standard API top drive systems.

Technical Data
Capacity 350 – 1500 tons
Range Length from 48’’ to 720’’
Certification API 8C, CE & ATEX marked

Weldless design
High grade steel for highest strength
Suitable for all standard API top drives
API 8C certified

Partial specifications data for elevator links are provided as follows:

150ton 250ton 350ton 500ton 750ton
1¾”x60″ 2¼”x60″ 2¾”x60″
1¾”x72″ 2¼”x72″ 2¾”x72″
1¾”x84″ 2¼”x84″ 2¾”x84″
1¾”x96″ 2¼”x96″ 2¾”x96″
1¾”x108″ 2¼”x108″ 2¾”x108″ 4¾”x108″
1¾”x120″ 2¼”x120″ 2¾”x120″ 4¾”x120″
1¾”x132″ 2¼”x132″ 2¾”x132″ 4¾”x132″
2¼”x144″ 2¾”x144″ 3½”x144″ 4¾”x144″
2¼”x150″ 2¾”x150″ 3½”x150″
2¼”x168″ 2¾”x168″ 3½”x168″
2¼”x180″ 2¾”x180″ 3½”x180″
2¼”x192″ 2¾”x192″ 3½”x192″
2¾”x200″ 3½”x200″
2¾”x216″ 3½”x216″
2¾”x240″ 3½”x240″