Drill Collar

The drill collar is located below the drill pipe and above the drill bit; drill collars can generally be divided into round drill collars, spiral drill collars and non-magnetic drill collars for downhole magnetic instruments.

1. Apply WOB to the drill bit;

2. Ensure the necessary strength under compression conditions;

3. Reduce the vibration, swing, and jump of the drill bit, so that the drill bit works smoothly;

4. Control well deviation

Product specifications

1) Product size 3-1/8″ to 14″

2) Bar grade: 4145H; 4145H-MOD; P530; P550

3) Product type: smooth drill pipe, spiral drill collar, non-magnetic drill collar

4) Product length: 30 feet, 31 feet or according to customer special requirements

5) Thread type: from NC23 to 6-5/8REG; 7-5/8REG; 8-5/8REG; 8-5/8H90

6) Drill collar specifications: APISPEC7-1, APISPEC 7-2 and API RP7G