4FZ 5 1/8″-10000 psi Quadruple Ram coiled tubing BOP


The coiled tubing BOP is applied to coiled tubing operation, formation testing, flushing well, flowing back. It achieve the safety production and prevent from blowout accident, protect the surrounding environment.


◆ The blind ram, shearing ram, slip ram and pipe ram are equipped inside BOP.
◆ Use the hydraulic to drive, respond rapidly.
◆ The indicating arm of ram stroke are equipped, it is convenience to show the working condition of ram.
◆ Set the manual locking, the safety factor and the reliability are high.
◆ It is applied to high pressure wellhead and H2S condition.


Working Pressure



130mm(5 1/8”)

Temperature Grade


Side outlet Specification

52mm (2-1/16”)

Working Medium

Oil, mud, drilling fluid Hydrogen sulfide gas