Type SL Ram BOP

The type CAMTOP SL of BOP is apply to the drilling operation, the bonnet of BOP is equipped with hinge seat, it is convenience to open bonnet and change ram. The cost of performance of the BOP is high in the well control equipment of drilling. It is perfect selection for the well control equipment of drilling.


◆ The pressure-bearing part is made from superior alloy steel casting . Type S ram BOP is divided by type LWS and type SL.

◆ Type LWS ram BOP is light. The oil circuit is in the extra-position. It is easy to maintenance. And it is applicable in drilling and workover operation of small bore and low working pressure.

◆ The chamber use the rectangular section, set the sand trap and guide bar.
◆ Use the unitary ram, the sealing is reliable and convenience to change.
◆ The structure of hinge is simple and convenience to dismounted.