Shearing blind rams are designed to cut through drill pipe and shut in a well control situation. Shearing blind rams (blind shear
rams) are designed to completely seal off a well after the pipe is cut, or sheared, controlling pressure.
Variable Bore Rams, Inc. carries bore ram sizes from 7-1/16 inches to 21-1/4 inches for LWS, LXT, NXT, SL and SLX ram BOPs.
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1)Standard: API
2)Pressure: 2000~15000psi
3)Size: 7-1/16″ to 21-1/4″
4) U type, S type Available
5) Shear/ Pipe/Blind/variable Rams


API Spec 16A BOP Rams Main technical parameters:


1, Working pressure2000~15000psi (14~70MPa)

2, Nominal bore7 1/16~13 5/8 (179.4~346.1mm)

3,  According to the latest API Spec 16A standard,and quality standard of ISO9001.