API Standard Rotary BOP Packing Element

Short Description:
·Improved wear resistance and longer service life.

·Better oil resistant performance.

·Optimized for overall size, easier to install on site.


This product is used for rotary control head (bop): Before use, please adjusting well head, do not use drill pipe with stress groove and the rough wear-proof casing. Drill pipe should grind smooth, when using the drill pipe, it should be lubrication, otherwise, you will greatly shorten service life of the sealing element.

When this product is used for the self-styled head to make a trip operations: It requires strictly control wellhead pressure (as low as possible) and note tripping speed especially over drill pipe joints speed; Otherwise the sealing element may burst (broken) crack or fracture.

1.Sealing high pressure and rotating stable;
2.Sealing reliable ,easy to change;
3.The sealing element depends on its own elastic deformation and well pressure to seal around the drilling string.

Type Bop Rotating Packer
Machine Type Oilfield Drilling Equipment
Use Well Drilling
Certification API ISO
Processing Type Casting
Environment Working Temperature level PU -29ºC~+121ºC
Material Demand NBR; Compliance with the requirement for anticorrosion of API NACE MR-01-75;



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