11″ 5K Shaffer Type SB type Annular Bop


Annular Bop must be used with hydraulic control system .It is usually with ram type BOP ,but it can also be used independently. It can be used for following operations:It can seal on almost any shape of size-Kelly ,drill pipe, tool joints, drill collars,
casing or wireline .
-When there is no drilling tool in hole, it can completely shut off the hole .
-With an accumulator ,forced tripping with 8 ° / 35 ° welded tool joints is allowed.


2.1. Annular BOP model indication

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Rated working pressure (MPa) Bore size code
Product code

Product code :FH—Spherical Seal Element Annular BOP
FHZ—Tapered Seal Element Annular BOP

1. Rated working pressure: four grades, see the following list
List 1 Rated working pressure grade

14MPa(2,000psi), 21MPa(3,000psi)
35MPa(5,000psi) 70MPa(10,000psi)

11”-5000psi Annular BOP

2. Bore size code sees the following list

List 2 Bore size

Bore size : 11″

3. Temperature grades of metal material:

List 3 Temperature grades of metal material

Temperature grade code Code of API Working temperature scope
T75 75 -59~ 121℃(-75~250 ºF)
T20 20 -29~ 121℃(-20~250 ºF)
T0 00 -18~ 121℃(0~250 ºF)

2.2. Technical parameter of annular BOP

List 4: Technical parameter for Annular BOP

Item Annular BOP
Model 11 ”-5000psi
Weight kg 4537
Height H mm 1073
Bore 279.4mm  (11 ″)
Hydrostatic       pressure       testing 52.5MPa (7,500psi)
Rated working pressure 35MPa (5,000psi)
Hydraulic controlled strength working pressure 21MPa(3,000psi)
Hydraulic controlled rated working pressure 14MPa(2,000psi)
Recommended  hydraulic  working pressure when seal pipe ≤10.5MPa (1,500psi)
Oil   volume   for   opening   rubber 72L
Oil volume for closing rubber once 74L
Outlet of hydraulic oil NPT 1 1/4 ″
Temperature grade T20(-29~121℃) or per to contract
BOP design and manufacture are all meet the normal API Spec 16A。
Can provide BOP used in H2 S environment ,so meet NACE MR-01-75。
Column 1 Value 21 Column 2 Value 21