YD-120B Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit

YD-120B hydraulic power unit is a kind of new type diesel driven power unit suitable for low temperature locations, with lowest temperature limit -40℃. The power unit will supply power of 16.6Mpa rated working pressure, 20MPa maximum working pressure and 120L/min  maximum flow. The power unit whole body is set in a temperature-keeping package. l driven, substituting the traditional electric driven, which will be fit for the location with electricity unavailable. Totally enclosed oil  tank and diesel box are set on the top, which greatly improve the suction of plunger pump and oil pump. Generally, YD-120B power tong features easy start-up, safe operation and wide range pressure adjusting, and is one of  the first choices for users.


1. Working pressure rating             16.6Mpa

2. Max working pressure                20Mpa

3. Flow rating                      120 L/min

4. Diesel engine model              TD226B-4D (deutz) (cold start)

5. Power of Diesel engine                60kW

6. Rated speed of Diesel engine        1500 rpm

7. Fuel consumption                   198 g/kw.h

8. Diesel engine starting style           electric start

9. Plunger pump model             QL100SCY14-1Bk

10. Oil tank volume                      610 L

11. Diesel box volume                   130L

12. Overall dimensions              2500×1220×2135 mm

13.Heater power                       5kW×2

14. Weight                            2450 kg

15. Oil outlet port size                 quick coupling NPT3/4

16. Return port size                     quick coupling NPT1