Wireline BOP


The CAMTOP Wireline Valve (BOP) is designed to provide a positive seal around slick line or cable. This allows the performance of work, under pressure, on surface equipment, when the line is still in the wellbore. The wireline valve is placed between the wellhead and lubricator assembly.

The CAMTOP Wireline Valve is of Mono-Block/Light weight construction and is designed for use in single, dual, triple or quad configurations. The wireline valve closure design consists of two ram assemblies manually / hydraulically compressed around the line from opposite sides. This affects a seal and thus contains well pressure below the rams. Pressure across the rams is equalized i through a flanged equalizing manifold prior to retracting the rams and opening the valve.

CAMTOP wireline Valve design allows for easy change out of end caps, for hydraulically operated actuators. It is available in a full range of sizes and working pressures, from 2 1/2″ to 6.62″ bore sizes, and 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi working pressures. Additional sizes are available on request.

For greater corrosion resistance all sizes of CAMTOP Wireline Valves can be supplied with Xylan coated in the ram bores and the through bore.

Model ID (mm) Working Pressure(Mpa) Operation Manner Type of Ram Connection Manner Working Envrionment Cable ID(mm)
SFZ5-21 52 21 Manual Singal Ram 3 1/2”-6SA Crude oil, Natural Gas,Water with H2S and CO2 1.8mm–3.2mm
SFZ6-35 62(65) 35 Manual Singal Ram 4 1/4”-6SA
2FZ6-35 62(65) 35 Hydraulic Double Ram 4 1/4”-4ACME
2FZ6-70 62(65) 70 Hydraulic Double Ram 4 3/4”-4ACME
3FZ6-70 62(65) 70 Hydraulic Triple Ram 4 3/4”-4ACME
2FZ7-35 76(78) 35 Hydraulic Double Ram 5 ”-5ACME
2FZ7-70 76(78) 70 Hydraulic Double Ram 5 3/4”-4ACME
3FZ7-70 76(78) 70 Hydraulic Triple Ram 5 3/4”-4ACME
3FZ7-105 76(78) 105 Hydraulic Triple Ram 7 ”-5ACME
2FZ8-35 89 35 Hydraulic Double Ram 6 ”-4ACME
2FZ10-35 102(103) 35 Hydraulic Double Ram 7 ”-5ACME
2FZ10-70 102(103) 70 Hydraulic Double Ram 8 3/8”-4ACME
3FZ10-70 102(103) 105 Hydraulic Triple Ram 8 3/8”-4ACME