Valve urethane insert

1. Valve body with full integrated forged technology and precisiion machining to get exact dimensional tolerance control
2. Heats treat carburizing with a deep wear case
3. Surface hardness HRC59~HRC61, much increased resistance to abrasion and extrusion
4. Urethane is poured directly around machined serrations to anchor the insert to the valve
5. 100% processing inspection

Other Oilfield & Gas Service

We produce well service packing replacements for mud pumps. Well Service Packing is made from high quality materials for extended service life in all applications. We offer a variety of compounds for all types of environments including high-pressure, abrasive and high-temperature. We offer both complete sets and replacement sets.

Replacement Set – Header Ring, Pressure Ring, Top Adapter and Wiper Ring
Complete Set – Header Ring, Pressure Ring, Top Adapter, Brass Lantern Ring and Adapter

We offer standard soft packing, extreme gold packing, and severe service packing which includes a graphite ring for additional lubrication.

Extensively field tested to ensure extended service life
Eliminates extrusion
Abrasion resistance
Eliminates plunger wear caused by abrasive sealing materials
High pressure application
Low coefficient of friction
Superior strength
Longer life means less downtime, lower maintenance costs and increased profitability