Tubing Tester Valves

Tubing tester valves are intended to be used for pressuring run in hole flow columns by creating the appropriate pressure in the tubing.

The valves are made for pressuring the tubings of various diameters.

Valves retrieving is performed by means of collet fishing tools descented on wires, cables or rods.


Tubing Tester Valves

The Tubing Tester Valve (TTV) is an annular rupture disc controlled pressure test valve used to pressure test the tubing or drill string.

As the TTV is run-in-hole, the tubing will automatically fill as the flapper mechanism acts as a check valve. At any depth, the string can be pressure tested by applying tubing pressure. To lock open the TTV, annular pressure is applied rupturing a disc to shift the internal mandrel and hold open the flapper.



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