TPQ Push Plate Clutch



The TPQ series push plate clutch is suitable for all heavy duty cases where clutch connection is required. It can be used as a coupling to connect two concentric shafts and achieve different side transmission, but also it can be mounted on the same shaft to achieve the same side power transmission. What’s more, the high-speed clutch can be directly connected to the engine.

The friction area of the TPQ series push plate clutch is large, and it can start smoothly. Multi friction pair design can meet the needs of all kinds of torque better. Annular air tube or split air tube can be applied to the clutch, and the maintenance is convenient, and the air pressure dry operation can not bring pollution to the surrounding environment.


The TPQ series push plate clutch is widely used in all kinds of industrial equipment, for example construction machinery, oil drilling rig, workover rig, drawworks, etc.

In the field of oil and gas equipment, the TPQ series push plate clutch is mainly used as drawworks clutch for the workover rig and the rig, and it can also be used as driving part clutch for some gear box, chain box, etc.


The commonly used product models of the TPQ push plate clutch are as follows: TPQ118H, TPQ218H, TPQ318H, TPQ124H, TPQ224H, TPQ324H, TPQ330H,TPQ236 etc.

Main Technical Specifications

Model Dia.x Qty.of Friction Disc Static Torque, N.m( Dynamic Torque, N.m( Max. speed,rpm Weight, kg(Ibs)
TPQ118 18″ 1 7,620 (66,400) 5,715(49,800) 1,750 125(277)
TPQ218 18″ 2 15,240 (132,800) 11,430 (99,600) 1,750 180(397)
TPQ318 18″ 3 22,860 (199,200) 17,145(149,400) 1,750 227(501)
TPQ124H 24″ 1 18,435(160,600) 13,830(120,500) 1,350 269(593)
TPQ224H 24″ 2 36,870 (321,200) 27,660 (241,000) 1,350 363(800)
TPQ324H 24“ 3 55,305(481,800) 41,490 (361,500) 1,350 450(993)
TPQ330H 30“ 3 118,890(1,036,200) 89,175(777,000) 1,100 847(1,868)