Taper Tap

Taper tap and die collars are staple tools in fishing operation. The taper tap can fish through engagement in the bore of fish.


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Taper Tap

The taper tap is a special fishing tool making thread in tubular dropped objects such as drill pipe and tubing It is a high effective tool in fishing of tubular dropped objects especially with union The taper tap can be used for different fishing operation when equipped with left hand thread or right hand thread drill pipes and other tools. The taper taps are made from high strength alloy steel forging materials and heat treated.It is made with chip groove So as to make threads.

Model ThreadConn. I.D. (mm) Catch size (mm)
GZ86-1 NC26 16 39~67
GZ86-2 NC26 20 54~77
GZ95-1 NC26 25 68~89
GZ105-1 NC31 20 54~77
GZ105-2 NC31 25 72~90
GZ105-3 NC31 15 43~87
GZ105-4 NC31 25 76~100
GZ105-5 NC31 8 30~76
GZ121 NC38 16 45~67
GZ121 NC38 20 55~89
GZ121 NC38 20 88~103



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