Xq29/2.6y Sucker Rod Tong


Model XQ29/2.6 hydraulic power tong is an improved type of XQ29/1.8 which is used to make up and break out sucker rod thread in Well Service.

This Product Has The Following Features:

●The structure is compact ,concise and light. Master tong is driven by low speed large torque hydraulic motor which matching with manual control valve. The backup tong just like a spanner.

●The operating is briefness and convenience with die. Put the respondence size jaw set into master tong and the respondence size glutting into backup tong , turning the reset knob in correct direction then can make up and break out sucker rod by operating manual control valve. Two speed, snapping at low speed, spinning at high speed.

●Large low gear torque, especially suitable for the instance that is difficult to break out sucker rod thread.


Model XQ29/2.6
Pipe Size Range of Master Tong 5/8” -11/8” Sucker Rod
Pipe Size Range of Backup Tong 5/8” -11/8” Sucker Rod
High Gear Rated Torque 1000N.m
Low Gear Rated Torque 2600N.m
High Gear Rated Speed 98r/min
Low Gear Rated Speed 32r/min
Rated Operation Pressure 10 MPa
1450 psi
Max. Flow 80 L/min
Dimension :L x W x H 870 x 383 x 490
Weight(including Backup Tong) 100kg