Sand Pump


Sand pump is widely used in solids control system. Internal the mud system, It can be located before the de-sander, de-silter and mud cleaner to transfer the drilling mud to the cyclone unit, equipped to the jut mud mixer unit as the mud mixing pump. For external of the mud system, the Sand pump can be used as the trip pump for mud supplement under well and the supercharging pump to transfer the drilling fluids to high pressure rig mud pump. The solids contained in drilling fluids request the Sand pump wet contacting parts with excellent wear resistance and high efficiency on flow rate. Based on the material adopted and structure design.

  • Pump casing made from hard ductile iron alloy, increased abrasion resistant capability.
  • Pump impeller made from hard ductile iron alloy, extended lifetime.
  • High quality no-adjustment mechanical seal to provide zero leakage and longer operation life.
  • All bearings used from top brand for reliable operation.
Model Flow(m³/h) Lift(m) Power(Kw) Motor Speed(RPM) Impeller(Inch)
SB8×6C-14J 320m3/h 35m 75kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 14in
SB8×6C-12J 1750RPM(60Hz) 12in
SB8×6C-13J 272m3/h 35m 55kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 13in
SB8×6C-11J 1750RPM(60Hz) 11in
SB6×5C-13J 200m3/h 35m 45kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 13in
SB6×5C-10J 1750RPM(60Hz) 10in
SB6×5C-12J 150m3/h 30m 37kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 12in
SB6×5C-9.5J 1750RPM(60Hz) 9.5in
SB5×4C-13J 120m3/h 35m 30kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 13in
SB5×4C-11J 1750RPM(60Hz) 11in
SB5×4C-12J 90m3/h 30m 22kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 12in
SB5×4C-10J 1750RPM(60Hz) 10in
SB4×3C-13J 65m3/h 35m 18.5kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 13in
SB4×3C-12J 1750RPM(60Hz) 12in
SB4×3C-12J 55m3/h 28m 15kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 12in
SB4×3C-10J 1750RPM(60Hz) 10in
SB4×3C-11J 45m3/h 25m 11kW 1450RPM(50Hz) 11in
SB4×3C-9.5J 1750RPM(60Hz) 9.5in