SPM QWS2500 Quntuplex Plunger Pump Fludi End Block , Packing And Valve Seat


Under high pressure and large displacement, plunger pumps are easy to fail, among which fluid cylinders are key components in pumping operation. Based on years of field research and verification, CAMTOP engineers have improved product design, analyzed fatigue, strength and material and successfully developed many types of fluid cylinders, either made of conventional materials or stainless steel. Besides,CAMTOP has a large inventory of spare parts with many varieties and good interchangeability. Customized design is also available


  • Delicate design: based on chamber optimization, stress concentration has reduced by 20% on key areas of fluid ends, and fatigue life has greatly increased by at least 28%, making it suitable for severe fracturing conditions.
  • Premium material: made of high strength stainless steel, durable in high pressure alternating load and corrosive condition.
  • Durability: stainless steel fluid ends have 3 times longer service life than conventional material ones, effectively reducing downtime and maintenance frequency.