API 6A Wellhead High Pressure Plug Valve with Fig 1502 Union

The plug valve is composed of the valve body, hand wheel, plunger, and other component parts. The plug valve is indispensable important components of wellhead equipment, and high-pressure liquid control part. The plug valve featured with compact structure,easy maintenance, small torque and opened quickly.

1. Structure of Plug Valve Description
Plug valves are indispensiblefor connecting the high-pressure manifold during cementing and fracturing operations  in oil fields. They are also used for similar high-pressure fluid control operations. Up to now,this product is ideal for use in cementing and fracturing manifoldsbecause of its good features such as compact structure,small torque ,easy maintenance,quick opening action and labor-saving,etc.
2. Main Features of Plug Valve
1) The plug valve is mainly made up of the body,the hand wheel,the pluger and the others.
2) The 1502 union connection is applied to connect its inlet and outlet to he pipeline (this can be custom-made according to different requirements) .the precise fit between the valve body and the liner is insured by means of cylindrical fitting, and the sealant is inlaid through the outer cylindrical surface of the liner to make sure that it is hermitically sealed.
3) The cylindrical meal-to-meal fit between the liner and the pluger is adopted to insure a high fiiting accuracy and thereby reliable sealing performance.
4) Note:even under a pressure of 15000psi,the valve can be opened or closed with ease.

Models ID(mm) Flow(M 3/min)
1”×2”105MPaplug valve 22.22 0.28
2”×2”42, 70and105MPaplug valve 44.45 1.14
2”x 2”140MPaplug valve 33.02 0.63
3”x 3”42, 70and105MPaplug valve 69.85 2.80
3”×3”140MPaplug valve 76.2 3.34