Packer Full Bore DST Safety Joint

The Tension Safety Joint is a two-stage emergency disconnect tool that can be used to mechanically separate the drill string in a controlled way. If the string is stuck at a packer or elsewhere, it can be operated to recover tools above the Safety Joint. The lower half of the safety joint that is left down hole provides a connection for fishing tools.


Packer Full Bore DST Safety Joint

The Retrievable safety joint is the full bore safety join which is applied for the drill stem testing operation in well testing operation, and it is named RTTS afety joint in Halliburton type.

The Retrievable safety joint is an optional emergency backoff equipment. If the packer becomes stuck during operations, the safety joint releases the workstring and tools above the packer.

The tension sleeve of the safety joint must be parted by pulling on the workstring, in order to initiate the release of the safety joint. For complete release, vertical and rotational movement must be applied.

The Retrievable Safety Joint should be run on all special tool and DST jobs directly above the packer. The safety joint is aimed to provide a disconnect point in the DST tool string above the packer, in order to  remove  all equipment above that point once the work string becomes stuck and the Safety Joint can still be operated.

Technical parameter of the retrievable safety joint

No. Specification 7”- 7 5/8″ RTTS Safety Joint
1 OD 127.5mm
2 ID 57mm
3 Length 1290mm
4 Working Pressure 70MPa
5 Internal Pressure strength 132MPa
6 External Pressure strength 123MPa
7 Tension Strength 1412KN
8 Torque strength 22KN.m
9 Service H2S,As per NACE MR-0175(>175°F)
10 Tension sleeve Rating 116+-10 kN
11 Working Temperature -29℃~+204℃
12 Top and bottom Connection 3 1/2IF. BXP




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