Open Hole DST

CAMTOP personnel have extensive experience with open hole drill stem testing services on conventional oil and gas wells. We maintain a high rate of successful tests for our customers; a key measure of performance and the primary factor in reducing the cost of testing services.


Open Hole DST

Formation testing, or drill stem testing, it’s a temporary completion of a well that provides information whether the well is completed or not, which can directly obtain data of formation fluid samples, liquid properties, productivity, formation temperature and time pressure. CAMTOP designs and manufactures both MFE and fullbore APR Dirll Stem Testing Tools.

The Multi Flow Evaluator(MFE) test tool is a conventional test tool, which realizes wellbore bottom switch by running and pulling toolstring. It can be used for formation testing of cased-hole and open-hole wells. A typical MFE toolsrtring is composed of hydraulic locking joint, open hole by-pass valve, hydraulic jar, safety joint, safety seal and packer, etc. It has the characteristics of . CAMTOP designs and manufactures 3 3/4″ and 5″ formation testing tools and spares, our tools with features like high performance with attractive prices, strong environmental adaptability, convenient to operation and easy maintenance.

CAMTOP Drill Stem Test Tool
Multi Flow Evaluator(MFE) Annulus Pressure Response(APR)
3 3/4″, 5″ 3 7/8″, 5″
Suitable for Open-hole and Cased-hole wells Suitable for Cased-hole wells
10K, 15K PSI, H2S Services 10K, 15K PSI, H2S Services





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